August 9, 21k3

I don’t even have a picture to post because I haven’t posted on here in so long that it literally does not matter. 
I am going to try to update in this more often. Most the time it won’t make sense. A lot of the time that I’m alone anymore I spend it exploring other possible realities. Sometimes when others are around as well. idk, that probably doesn’t make any sense.

October 17-18


Not too much has happened in these past couple days. I have done nothing too worthy of Internet knowledge. I made decent tips and traded iPhone’s with KKR. Lost all my contacts, so that’s what I am working on recreating. I got a Halloween costume of Minnie Mouse, so now I have 4 choices. JOY! 
I get to go back to see my friend next Wednesday!

October 14-16, 2012.



Gregory and I did break up. It seems so unrealistic to me that it was literally four days ago, because so many great things have happened in the mean time. We broke up Saturday evening. Saturday after that I went to Headwest and my friend Kristian gave me a BLT with 3x bacon, and it was literally the most delicious thing. Then I went to his show and then stayed at his house. I stayed there, but he was a gentlemen and didn’t try anything. The next day, I went home and worked then I took a last minute trip somewhere(refer to personal blog for the next details about this night and the next)The next morning I came home and went to lunch with family and Jennifer, then I brought Kristian lunch at his work. Then I Jennifer and we headed out to get Justin and shop. I got a sweater and a varsity jacket. Then (refer to personal blog) Then Jennifer and I came home and we went to our jobs. Then Kristian and I hung out and went to Chipotle, I gave him a mug, and he stole a pumpkin. He gets mad that I’m nice to him. I don’t get why at all. We carved that pumpkin. Well, mainly he did. And started Rocky Horror and I went home to sleep and couldn’t. Now I am just hanging out at home. Trying to sleep, but cannot. Le Sigh.

Ask for person blog, if you wish. 

October 13, 2012.


I haven’t posted on here in MONTHS. I feel the need to apologize, even though I am sure no one is too upset about it. 
My life lately has been a mess.
I worked at a sno cone place over the summer, then Chipotle, and now am currently a server/hostess at Ginger Asian Bistro. 
I got my C.N.A. over a 8 wk course. It was hectic, but I did it. I am so proud of myself. I got my first car too!
Chevy Aveo LS Sedan ‘08, and I love it. 
Gregory and I do nothing but argue and it’s getting on my last nerve. I try to just deal with it, but it’s not that easy. I am doing my best though. I am applying at LPBHC on Monday, so that’s pretty exciting I suppose. 
I’m making something of my life, and it’s more than I thought it would be. 

April 24, 2012.


Man, so much has happened that I haven’t updated on here. I need to be better about this, I’m doing my best!
Okay, well.. I guess I will tell ya about my new boyfriend.
His name is Gregory Lee. He is 22. He is a CNA at Memorial in Lincoln, and a server at the yacht club in Springfield. So that’s neat. He’s sweet, and I am pretty sure that I’m the first girl he’s ‘loved’ don’t ask me how, because I haven’t a clue. 
But he is happy with me, so I can give him that, or something.
T.S. and I are friends again, so that’s cool. I miss him when we’re not.
Marcus Wahl and I are pretty good friends, as well.
They both do not like my boyfriend that much. Marcus just is protective because we’re ‘best friends’
I don’t know why T.S. is that way with me.
He’s difficult to read.
This picture is of my cat, Kat. She is 4 months tomorrow, quite the sweetheart.
Life is dull really.  

February 25, 2012.


Welp, today has been so up and down emotionally for me. 
I deleted Zebulan and any friends on my FB that tag him, or talk to me about him. He needs to be out of my life, for good.
Jennifer and I went to a show and that was awesome, I had a wonderful time. We went over to Dustin’s, and didn’t really do much of anything. 
I came home and got a call from ‘ya know’ and that just changes my emotions altogether. I cannot get over him, I don’t care what anyone says about it. 
My puppy had puppies today. That’s sweet, it’s also my other puppy’s one year birthday. A father at one year old, how cute. 

I came home and am sitting here, wishing someone would Skype me.

February 24, 2012.


This picture is from when I came home and after I was all day, but whatever. 
Yesterday ruled, so hard.
Jennifer and I got all pretty and went to the show at Blacksheep.
So many attractive fellas were there.  
I’m single now, as of Monday, so it was a different feel, but I enjoyed myself greatly.
Jennifer and I used mama’s car and stuff.

January 29, 2012.


I know I haven’t updated in a long time, my life has been so hectic. I haven’t been around a computer, and just so much stuff. But I am going to start! 
Yesterday (29) I had breakfast with my mama and her boyfriend, Paul.
I got a bacon cheeseburger, they got breakfast food.
Jennifer and I hung out for a bit.
Then I went over to Adam’s, and had a wonderful time.
He’s a great guy. I’m glad to have him in my life.
Zebulan and I have been arguing lately, and I don’t know how to handle it. 

November 25, 2011.

I haven’t updated recently, I’ve busy lately. 

I can’t even update now more than to say life is going great. 

Zeb has a show tomorrow <3

Welp, bye.


Me today. &lt;3333333



Me today. <3333333